Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2017/vol. 27/No. 3 (List of accepted articles)

1. Becker J., Becker A., Budziński R. Multi-methodical and multi-criteria decision analysis of objects in the computerized decision support system
2. Fouladvand M., Amirteimoori A., Kordrostami S. Efficiency measurement in nonparametric production analysis in the presence of undesirable outputs: An application to power plants
3. Galanc T., Kołwzan W., Pieronek J. Probabilistic characteristics supporting the management of a production-supply system
4. Ignatova I., Biehun A. Estimation the reliability of the elements of cloud services
5. Tomczak S. K., Radosiński E. The effectiveness of discriminant models on the example of the manufacturing sector