Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2017/vol. 27/No. 2 (List of accepted articles)

1. Azam M., Aslam M., Jun C-H. An EWMA control chart for the exponential distribution using repetitive sampling plan
2. Ghasemi A., Alizadeh M. Evaluating organizational antifragility via fuzzy logic (The case of an Iranian company producing banknotes and security paper)
3. Klukowski L. Determining an estimate of an equivalence relation for moderate and large sized sets
4. Maciejewski W., Kordecki W. A method of assigning a global preference index
5. Ptaszyńska E., Kuchta D. Modified optimization model for selecting project risk response strategies
6. Rębiasz B., Gaweł B., Skalna I. Valuing managerial flexibility: An application of real-option theory to steel industry investments